No Truth but The Truth of the Blue Man.

bassel and ghassan











It’s like whatever truth Palestinians speak of has no legitimacy until an old man chilling on a “humanitarian” retirement plan says it has and puts a blue stamp on it (or until a super star graffiti artist forces his absurdity unto it). Then the people start getting it; beware the people when they get it. Them people with a knack for opinions are suddenly woke! Hide. Quickly log-out. They get it now; it’s understood. And by getting it they are endowed with the feeling of an unexpected illumination of wisdom saturating their senses. They become like a fidgeting moth, the blue old man’s confirmation of a truth they were so blinded about up until now is so bright it causes a nerve-racking urgency that spreads and takes over their wits. They rush to share their realization: they spin the wheels, bash the keys, their opinion must be heard. “Oh! what??? Did you see that? It turned out to be an occupation? Those Palestinians were not lying. Damn, it is true”. And while indulging the hype they continue dumbfounded, their knees jerk, more reactions flow. The word must be spread now that someone other than the Palestinians has spoken it, “Oh shit it’s an apartheid yo! Now I have no doubt about it. Did you see it? The UN just said it! Why didn’t we ever saw it that way? Now the UN saw it 70 years later we get it”.

In the meantime, Palestinians; people refugees besieged and under-occupation continue what they have been doing for the last 70 years; resisting and existing by any means necessary. Generation after generation standing up to apartheid by any means available. Thank you Mr. UN man we will continue to blind ourselves from inalienable truths until you tell us where to look.


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