UOT – September 26 2013 -Palestinian refugees in Lebanon (guests: Moe Ali Nayel & Grafton Ross)

PODCAST: http://www.mixcloud.com/UnderTheOliveTree/uot-september-26-2013-palestinian-refugees-in-lebanon-guests-moe-ali-nayel-grafton-ross/

In the Midst of Syria’s crisis, hundreds of Palestinian refugees are fleeing from Syria to neighbouring countries. Many of them end up in Lebanon, a country with a long history of tensions with its own population of Palestinian refugees.

Today tensions are rising again against Palestinian refugees in Lebanon. They are the target of numerous sectarian speeches, often accused by politicians of being a threat and a burden.

– When Palestinian refugees started to come to Lebanon
– When they became seen as a threat by the different Lebanese political factions
– The 1982 massacre of Sabra and Shatila – what happened?
– How are the refugees viewed/treated today
– what is happening at Nahr el bared and Ein el Helwe camps
– How are the new Palestinian refugees coming from Syria being treated in Lebanon


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