‘Father of Rage’ speaks the truth to power: a challenge to Lebanon’s politicians

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A man who calls himself Abu el-Ghadab (a nickname meaning ‘Father of Rage’ in English) was interviewed by LBCI News yesterday. The video, which appeared last night, initially garnered only 200 views. Today, it has gone viral, with over 11,000 views, and scores of people sharing it on Facebook and Twitter.
This is a translation of what he said:


“We are just saying to the President, where are you? Mortar shells are filling the area of Tabbaneh. The corpses of children fill the streets. Where is the justice? This is injustice. Where are the politicians? Where are the MPs? Where are the people?  Our only enemy is Israel. Where did they bring this fighting from? Haram (pity in English.) What are they doing? Politicians are only worried about their seats and the shit they eat, which also means the shit they say. Damn their fathers, damn their fathers, from the biggest to the smallest amongst them. My name is Abu el-Ghadab and I challenge them all.”
Many of the people sharing this video on Facebook are writing next to it: “Abu el-Ghadab represents me.”
I think this is one of those videos that speaks the truth of the situation more clearly and vehemently than all the Lebanese news outlets combined.


PS: Abu el-Ghadab is gone viral over 50,000 views so far. 


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This post was first published by Now Lebanon: https://now.mmedia.me/lb/en/lebanon/father-of-rage-speaks-the-truth-to-power-a-challenge-to-lebanons-politicians


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