Khat Thaleth: Press Release

The album to be released on the 8th of February at Metro al-Madina
The album to be released on the 8th of February at Metro al-Madina



While the political weight of hip-hop may have waned and become overrun by commercialization in many parts of the world, over the past two years certain areas throughout the Arab world have witnessed a new wave of politically committed rap. With diverse and technical lyricism, eclectic productions and an active listenership, artists have aptly assimilated the art-form and made it their own; picking up microphones as their weapons of choice, supporting, criticizing and, in some cases, actively participating in the Arab revolutions.

Following last year’s critically-acclaimed release of Stronghold Sound’s, Sembeh Ma Fa Fe, a landmark compilation of Guinean hip-hop and reggae, the San Francisco-based label continued on to Beirut, Lebanon, where Syrian-American producer, dub Snakkr (Munaqresh) has been based for the past 2 years. With the objective of putting together a new compilation, dub Snakkr connected with some of the most interesting and representative acts in the Arab hip-hop underground.

Khat Thaleth, Third Line: Initiative for the Elevation of Public Awareness is a comprehensive 23-track compilation that covers a wide spectrum of this new wave of conscious rap and features artists from diverse scenes like Palestine, Tunisia, Jordan, Syria, Egypt and Lebanon. The title, “Khat Thaleth”, refers to a third train rail or track, a metaphor for a third way of looking at the polarized political context in the region, as well as a reference to the “hijaz” railroad that used to connect much of the Arab world. Artists team-up, in most cases from different regions and countries, to deliver critical blows to the various political systems in place, and offer sharp social commentary as well as sober realities currently being faced on the ground.

The immense relevance of the unprecedented Khat Thaleth compilation in the Middle East is not only limited to the politically charged content of the verses (full English translations of the lyrics are available online). Artistically, the album also provides us with a glimpse into the avant-garde of some of the most musically adventurous artists and producers in current Arab rap, who smoothly mix their lessons learned from American golden age rap luminaries with their very own folk traditions creating a completely new school of lyricism and production.

“…no lyrical holds are barred, no issues left politely untouched, and no beats missed…For all its urgency, brazen words and imperative beats, this is thoughtful music, and a thoughtfully put together compilation. The tracks are full of ideas, contentions, anger and sadness.” – Now Lebanon

Khat Thaleth is here to show you that what we now call ‘Arab-Hip-hop’ is simply an evolution of Arab poetry. A creative flow of lyrics alongside electronic beats: Arab poetry 2012 style.”
Beirut Vibes


Stronghold Sound is a San Francisco-based production studio and record label focusing on emerging Arab & African urban music, Latin & Caribbean dance music, as well as innovative traditional and contemporary global music. Formed in 2008 by Ahmed Khouja (Dub Snakkr), Juan Data (of Bondi Blaster), Daniel Backman (Dj Diet) and Alpha Oumar (Bongo) Sidibe, the label has released work with a number of notable global music artists in the San Francisco Bay Area including: Yassir Chadly, Gift of Gab, Excentrik, The Dunes, Iggy Mon, Nes, etc as well as artists from around the world including Ephniko  (Colombia), El Rass (Lebanon), Sista Lessa (Guinea), Kati (Guinea) and have released the first in their line of Audio Refuge Compilations in 2010 to very warm press and radio welcome. Combining the production studio of Dub Snakkr, Juan Data’s active coverage of emerging Latin music, as well as Bongo Sidibe’s performance company, Duniya Dance & Drum, the crew has come together as a team for connecting talented artists from multiple parts of the world in the production of a uniquely conscious blend of music and ideas. The Khat Thaleth project marks the label’s first fully Arab compilation and the first Arab compilation project of its kind.

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For Interviews and More Press Info: Please Contact Ryan Romana

// // 415-385-1784

After a year of writing, cyphering, recording and performing the Khat Thaleth crew is proud to announce the completion of their 23-track compilation album featuring vocalists, musicians and producers from all over the region.

On the 8th of February the posse gets together again to celebrate with a night of performances by:

El Rass, LaTlateh, Zeinedin, Nusrdeen-Touffar

Munaqresh and Munma on the decks!

@ Metro Al Madina

Khat Thaleth in collaboration with Stronghold Records

في الوقتِ الـذي يبدو فيه مشهد الهيب هوبالسياسيفي عدة أنحاء من العالم قد فقد بوصلته ووزنه، تشهد بعض مناطق الشرق الأوسط خلال السنين الماضيتين صعود موجةً جديدةً من مغني الراب الملتزمين سياساً، حاملين مايكروفوناتهمأسلحةً دعمٍ أو نقدٍ لكل ما يحيط بهم من حركاتٍ سياسية واجتماعية، مشاركين فيها بالكلمات و ـ في بعض الحالات في ـ النشاط على الأرض.

بعد إطلاق سيمبي ما فا فيألبوم يجمع عدة فنانين هيب هوبو ريغيمن غينيا في إفريقيا، اتجهت شركة سترونغ هولد ساوندومقرها في سان فرانسيسكو نحو مكان إقامة المنقرشوهو منتج موسيقي سوري أمريكي قضى

آخرسنتينفيبيروتلبنان،بهدفجمع عدد من فناني الراب العربيللعمل معهم على الألبوم الجديد. ونجح بالتواصل مع مجموعة من المميزين منهم.

خط ثالث

مبادرة إنضاج وعي شعبي

هو ألبوم من ثلاثةٍ وعشرين أغنيةَ، يضم عدداً من الرابرزالذين استطاعوا تحوير النمط الغربي بشكلٍ يلائم الثقافة التي انطلقوا منها أساساً. وشهد هذا الألبوم تمثيلاً موسيقياًلكلمن: فلسطين، تونس، الأردن، سورية، مصر، ولبنان. الاسم خطثالثتعبيراًعنوجهة نظرٍ مختلفة (أوثالثة)بخصوص ما يحصل في المنطقة العربية من أحداث سياسية كما أنهم يشيرون في الاسم إلى سكة الحجازالتي كانت تربط مدناً عديدة ببعضها في العالم العربي.

إطلاق ٧أغانٍ من الألبوم الكامل كتحضير:٢٢ كانون الثاني

إطلاق ألبوم خط ثالثفي بيروت:الثامن من شباط

إطلاق عالمي:الخامس من آذار

عن الشركة:

سترونغ هولد ساوندشركة تسجيل وإنتاج موسيقيمقرها في سان فرانسيسكو تهتم بدمج أنماط مختلفة من الموسيقى في إنتاجاتها. تم تأسيسها عام ٢٠٠٨ عن طريق أحمد خجا المنقرش، خوان داتا من بوندي بلاستر، دانييل باكمان دي جي دييتو ألفا عمر بونغو. أطلقت عدة أعمال خلال السنتين الماضيتين. اجتمع مؤسسوا الشركة كفريق مهمته وصل الفنانين الموهوبين من مختلف أنحاء العالم ببعضهم للخروج بمشاريعٍ موسيقية خلاقة ومتطورة. خط ثالثهو أول مشروع عربي خالصللشركة،أوأولمشروععربيمننوعه


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