Just Assir pulling another media stunt

Regardless of what you and I think of Assir, today he pulled a media stunt and it worked as he expected it to work.Kfardebian Residents Block Road to Prevent al-Asir from Reaching Faraya
To start with, local media treated Assir in Kfardebian as if the civil war was about to break out.
After Assir got word that the media delivered he moved into his game plan:
1) playing the innocent victim who has a passion for ski on a holy birthday: beards stayed inside buses and practised maximum restraint against locals’ provocations.

2) move to the hero role, now, and lets get down to the icy floor and perform a challenging move : praying in the middle of the outraged (Christian supporters of the Free Patriotic Movement) locals’.

3)And BOOM, there it was, Assir inflated his image and personality among his followers ( Salafis) and the ones (Sunni) who feel orphaned after grand Hariri was assassinated. Sunni hero status achieved and priceless.


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