Nahr al-Bared updates

Tahrir square Nahr al-Bared:

The results of the latest meeting between the factions and the army – resulted in:

-The army promising to remove the permits by July.
-the army also said that no permits are needed for people not from nahr el bared( hence palestinians from other camps can now enter)
this is supposedly active from tomorrow.
It seems today (fee ajwaa2 tahdi2a) there is a calming atmosphere.
Meanwhile the shabab refused to remove their sit-in , until these ‘promises’ are delivered, hence the sit in is ongoing.
-They are not attending the negotiations- they dont want to have any contacts with the military. The factions – are doing the negotiation on their behalf – which they might accept or refuse.

Today also the Shabab (guys) opened the sea road – in return for the army releasing some of the captured guys from yesterday. In other words: they are still able to achieve objectives, without compromising on their primary demands.

PS: keep checking this website for updates

Streets of Nahr al-Bared
firstly, the end of the military rule in the camp. The people want an end of the military deployment among the residents of the camp. They want the system of permits, which they need to enter and exit, to end.
“Secondly, people insist on a full investigation and an explanation for the assassination of the martyr, which was followed by shooting at the civilians. Thirdly, people want the army to leave public spaces in the camp such as the graveyard, a football field, and a few residential buildings that are now occupied by the army.
“Fourthly, people want their freedom of speech, freedom for the media and news outlets to enter the camp [the army has banned or made it difficult for journalists to enter the camp since 2007]. In addition to all this, people are demanding guarantees that tomorrow they won’t be arrested by the army and investigated because of this peaceful protest…….

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