The Radio Show Launched

يرجى الاستماع

The English transcript: clip one.
Test, test
1 2, 1 2
There is this thing I’m trying to accomplish right now.
This clip is a test.
It’s something like a radio show but it’s not a radio, because the tools have changed.
It’s something as an alternative; it’s not an alternative to writing but in addition to writing.
When we write, few people are reading; we found out that, unfortunately, the people who read are few, and they are the people who already know what we are writing about.
I thought if we speak directly with some music in the background maybe people will start thinking about what we are talking about: If they can’t be bothered to read, surely listening will be easier.


The English transcript: clip two.
Great, so after listening to the first file created with success. I’m enthusiastic about the idea, and it didn’t sound really bad, it’s all good.
Let me continue explaining what I’m trying to do here.
I’m trying to reach to people who can’t hear us, who are not getting our ideas. More precisely, I want to deal with Lebanon, and since we are dealing with Lebanon it means we are going to be dealing with the region surrounding us. We cannot deny that we are affected by all the politics, and revolutions that are happening around us. And the policy of “self-isolation” is a joke, don’t believe it. Ultimately I’m not trying to be a professional, because I’m not a professional. I don’t have one specialty, I see things that we should talk about and speak-out for and focus on them. It’s been one year since I have had an account on Soundcloud but I have been using it for music only. I collect music on it from artists from around the world of course not the Rotana kind.
Today I was thinking: who is reading nowadays? Very few people read. Take for example: my mother. She’s never read any of the things that I have written and I don’t recall seeing her reading the newspaper. In my opinion this phenomena is all over the country. People are only watching TV and as we all know Lebanese TV is a tool for mass destruction; the mass destruction of the mind. Any awakened person, questioning life and things around him/her, watching just 10 minutes of Lebanese TV starts suffocating. At least this is how I feel.
The thing is that we have a big problem in the country and the situation is going towards a tough phase. People are not paying attention to this thing: not because people are stupid, not at all. People are driven to ignorance on purpose. They don’t want to know what’s happing around them: because there are matters that people are sinking in: loans for cars, loans for apartments, loans for cell-phones, loans for furniture, and loans forweddings. Everyone has a loan, there are even loans on clothes. People are indebted in order to dress themselves, a very strange thing.
It’s all good no problem.
The strange thing is that people are near starvation and they have not taken the streets. I was just reading the news and I came across a news flash: sources saying that gasoline is going to make a L.L 900 drop. It was breaking news: what kind of breaking news is that? Gasoline prices have reached L.L40,000, if it dropped L.L900 today, next week it will go up a L.L1000, it means nothing has changed. This kind of news is a form of a numbing shot for the citizen. It’s as if telling the citizen: shut the fuck up we brought down the prices of gasoline L.L900- but we managed to raise it to L.L40,000 in the first place.
There is a group of people: young men and women with great intellect. They do have the initiative to create change in the country, but the problem is that each 10 are becoming their own group. It’s becoming very Lebanese in a sense that “our work is better than yours” and “we don’t want to collaborate with you because we know how to struggle better than you do” and so on and so forth. Therefore each group organizes a protest on Sunday and we, the same people, attend the protest; the same people who attend all kinds of protests whether on a domestic Lebanese level or on a regional level. What I’ve noticed is that I’m not seeing in these protests the rest of the country, the rest of the Lebanese people: not just us the usual 500 or 1000 person at best.
Why do you think this is?
And is this thing the right way? Is it normal that it’s only us, the same people, protesting on the weekend?
We go to the protest at 3:00, we chant a bit in the street then we go for a lunch, or for a drink, or to smoke Shisha. It’s really strange that the rest of the country is not aware of these things. I think the rest of the people in the country are interested in change but they need an alternative. The people who are stuck in sectarianism, at the end of the day, are enslaved by the sectarian lords that are supporting them with a kind of services and welfare. It’s true these services are very minimal, I know, but to the people, the needy, it is something better than nothing. The problem is that we are not providing an alternative to the people that makes them abandon their sectarian lords, and join us in the street to demand the change that Lebanon should achieve by now. The change is by ending the sectarian system that will result in a secular system. But the people are afraid of the word itself: secularism. People think that secularism means atheism. There is a misconception and lack of understanding to the word itself. The sectarian lords have their own tools in the form of clergymen and the clergy is not in favor of losing the privileges given to them by the sectarian lords on the basis of keeping people afraid and the sects always wary about each other. Therefore I wish we could use different slogans at first and not start with secularism. Secularism, in the end, is the result of the change we are pushing for. Because people are afraid of our secular slogan people are automatically categorizing us and put us in a specific circle. “Those bewildered youth, those leftists, those infidels”, and all kinds of categories, and it’s all based on ignorance, I know. At the same time I don’t expect the same political awareness that we have from the majority of people in the country . Maybe because we do have the time and privileges to read, think, write, analyze and form political awareness. The rest of the people are busy with finding bread and the price of gasoline.

From this reality I decided to start speaking out in a very simple way. I want to try to not to use words, and technical terms just like I did now. In order to make it as a normal conversation that people hold on the street on daily basis. I want people to relate to what we are talking about, and I don’t want it to be vague with words and terms people never heard of before. I decided to start recording sound since Mr. Soundcloud here is making this service available for free. I’m going to keep on trying and keep on thinking, but I’ll keep thinking how we can reach to the rest of the people outside our narrow circles in this tiny country. A country of a maximum of 4 million people and they are not all Lebanese, 200,000 of them are migrant workers. We will have to make time for this matter of the 200,000 migrant workers.

This will be a test for this small project that I just committed myself to. I would like to know your opinion on this project  and what you think: is it good or bad?
In the next clip I will start choosing a specific topic to discus and we’ll see how it will go.
Ok then, that’s it see you later, bye.


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