Lebanon: Government Websites Hacked

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The Lebanese government websites were all hacked this morning.
What does this action mean?
Hacking the Lebanese government websites means that there are people who are willing to take the struggle, against the Lebanese corrupt system, to a direct confrontational level. It means there are people who decided to take action and grow outside of the traditional, feeble kind of struggle for change. It means there are people willing to do more than just protest or march on the weekend.
This act of hacking is a type of violence against the violence we endure every day from the corrupt Lebanese system.
Some will argue that the Lebanese government websites are cheaply built and useless-who cares about them? That’s true: the Lebanese government websites are the last thing this system should worry about. But hacking those websites and posting messages challenging the Lebanese government is a sort of threat to the government; and regardless of how minimal it might be, it’s more effective than the usual protest on the weekends, which is completely fine by the system.
It is a direct action: as if taking a punch directly at the system regardless how soft this punch might be. It is a punch nonetheless; not just shouting, bemoaning, and cursing then everyone going home in peace without any trace of the activity.
Today the group of hackers RYV (Raise Your Voice) put a smile on my face and made me feel enthusiastic again about our struggle against the corrupt Lebanese system. They threw a punch at a rotten vicious system that is constantly throwing punches at us while crushing our bones on daily basis as far as I can remember. Let’s join our fists together but instead of directing them to the sky let us direct them at the face, at the heart of this system. Time to burn this city!

Gov.lb: served: List of the hacked websites.



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