January 25 Egypt ask Lebanon to join!

Tahrir Square Egypt January 25 2012, the revolution still alive.

People blocking the airport highway with burning tires protest against power blackout.

Today in Beirut, Tripoli and Sur the highways were blocked with protestors who were angry with the lack of electricity in the country.

Yes, it is 2012 Lebanon and where else in this time and age would a country still have blackouts? Lebanon is touristic destination and considers itself stable. Lebanon? Stable?

Today while following up with the Egyptian people celebrating and reaffirming the revolution I became hopeful, but Lebanon kept me frowning and agitated. The scene of the millions flocking to the streets and public arenas reminded me of how strong and powerful people are when united, and how threatened and weak the ruling system is in comparison. But what was happening in the streets of my own country brought me back to reality.

Here, in my beloved Lebanon, people keep getting one slap in the face after another: each slap stronger and more painful than the previous ones. I lately found myself in a “I don’t give a shit” phase. But today while looking at pictures from Tahrir I told myself: No, I’m going to give a fuck about this doomed-to-failure divided place. I live here; my life is here, I was born here. I’m here not by choice but I would still be here if I had the choice. I truly and desperately want us to join our surroundings. I want us to join the rest of the world starting from our closest neighbor Syria and the rest of the Revolting-Arab-people. It’s been more than one month since I’ve been posting (on social media) news on a daily basis about people blocking roads, protesting, and burning tires all over Lebanon. We, the Lebanese people, are eligible for a revolution just like the rest of the world. The working people in Lebanon are getting to a point where life is becoming unachievable.

It’s a beautiful scene to see people in waves asking for a better life. I’m sick of seeing waves of consumers in Lebanon at bars or at malls and banks. We are extremely tamed by our politicians so that we no longer count as people, we are only consumers (notice the bombardment of advertisements and billboards everywhere in the country, notice the brainwashing by the degrading politician owned media). I do think sometimes that we in Lebanon are so mentally oppressed to a point that we love our own oppressors- a Stockholm-syndrome kind of thing. But Egypt today, Um el-Donia (mother of the world), made me hopeful again. Those people who have been blocking roads on daily basis protesting the neglect of their state are the ones where the spark of the revolution live, it just needs to be ignited all over the country and not only a spark failing to start the fire of the revolution. The revolution is the only solution that will devour the rotting Lebanese system as a whole.

Protesters blocking the street protesting power blackout in Lebanon.
1979 cartoon by the late Mahmoud Kahil

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