Fight rape and join women in their march for liberation and equality

Fight rape - join us tomorrow Saturday 14/1/2012

There is a call for a demonstration tomorrow in Beirut to criminalize all forms of rape and it is not only addressed to women. Every man has a responsibility to be concerned – she could be his daughter, his sister, or his girlfriend, subject to a type of rape, or harassment. Every man is called upon to defend women by participating in this demonstration, the rallying cry of which is “every state that does not criminalize all forms of rape is not a reliable one”. The current Lebanese law does not protect women who were raped by an unknown, it gives the rapist the option to marry his victim, and if he does, then the charges will be dropped. As for marital rape, well it has no place in the dictionary of Lebanese legislators, or, of course, the clergy’s. Therefore women will unite tomorrow in Beirut to demand a law that protects women against violence, whether that be verbal, physical,or psychological. The demonstration will start at 12:00pm in front of the Ministry of Interior  in Sanayeh, Hamra, and will march to the Parliament  in Downtown Beirut .

You should be a man and fight rape.

117 countries criminalize sexual harassment, Lebanon is not one of them
79 countries criminalize marital rape, Lebanon is not one of them
125 have outlawed family violence, Lebanon is not one of them
There’s the world, & then there’s Lebanon.
Infographic by Nasawiya

"كل دولة لا تجرِّم كل أنواع الاغتصاب لا يُعوَّل عليها"
Be a man and demand a law that protects women from rape in Lebanon
Fight Rape

For more information about the march against rape please visit the Facebook page.

See videos here


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