Lebanon in Pictures: Strike And protests For Economical Justice

Today people from various areas in Lebanon  gathered at 11:00 am  marching in a protest from Beshara al-Khoury towards the Grand Serail to refute the cabinet’s approval of the wage hike decree. What happened today is simple to understand, there isn’t any mysterious political conspiracy behind it: it’s a fact that living in Lebanon nowadays for a working citizen has become like some sort of a voyage into the unknown, some are not sure if they can make it till tomorrow. The same old story allover the world: the government is made of and backed by business men/women who are not willing to give while taking everything.

There were only people today, not political parties with their un-creative flags, just people who gathered, united, and demanded their rights. I’m sure their chants penetrated the shiny glass windows of the  Grand Serail (government house).

Angry chants hit the sky:

“O ruler listen, we want to live in dignity”.

“We want to break the hands of the ones thieving from us, and change this system”.

“O soldiers, your brethren are here, throw your guns down and march with us”.

“In candle light we draw the road of freedom”.


The moment people started marching from Bishara al-Khouri - Sodeco up to the government house (Saray)


Che is always present



"No to the sectarian and political monopoly of the labor's rights"


Karl Marx: "Workers of the world at least strike from work"
"My salary= phone bill+ electricity bill+ transportation+ rent. When do I get to eat?"
"Lebanon a republic stands for social justice and equality?!"


Anonymous was spotted at the protest today.
"The Laborers Union is an opportunistic union to the citizens"

Here I would like to elaborate a bit: The Labor Union did not support the strike and protests today. Ghassan Ghosn, head of the General Labor Confederation is a renowned corrupt person who deceived the workers many times in the past and therefore the above sign is accusing the Union of being an opportunistic one.


Che:"If this is the fight, the future is ours".

"Yes to the increase of wages"

Riad as-Solh was the first prime minister of Lebanon turning his back to the people like all the other prime ministers.



"O state you are free, either you give the people their rights or we are gonna have to break the (Jara)stability"(Jara means clay jug its used here as a metaphor to express stability or calmness)


"Money is in your pockets and bitterness is in our hearts, shame on you we want our right".


"O rulers O government the teacher's situation is a nothingness, inflation and life is expensive, and the salary increase is light as the feather, let us damn this life"


"We don't want to get paid with the right hand and then get taken away from us by the left hand"A metaphor about money being given by one hand and taken by another.
"Yes to full coverage healthcare to all the Lebanese".
"Government's decisions: Panadol". (Panadol is the most consumed painkiller in Lebanon)

"Our people impoverished, our people humiliated, a people's scream".


This beautiful old woman at the protest today, not happy with the current economical situation.

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