The Daily Conspiracy Of Lebanese Taxis



Lebanese Taxi: conspiracy of the day: electricity.


While shuttling around Beirut in a taxi (we call them service) I like to chat to the driver. Today I hopped in a service from Sanayeh to Cola and here is the newest taxi conspiracy theory which is more like a fact to the driver.


The taxi driver while dodging competing taxis, speeding scooters and crazy van drivers, kept complaining about life and this shit country (sho hal balad el-khara) and how nothing works. I wanted to put remedy to his grief so I decided to give him a different perspective- not the usual taxi moaning.

This is how it went:
Me: If the Lebanese people care about this country they would have revolted against the whole political system. The whole country was and is still out of electricity. Beirut was dark for 4 days and the people did not gather united against this dysfunctional system.
Taxi: They deserve it. Beirutis deserve it. I was not bothered by the blackouts in Beirut over the weekend.
Me:  It’s a normal reaction, the employees should quit if they don’t get paid. (I thought he was in solidarity with the power plant employees.)
Taxi: (wlek la2 ana b-2ilak) No this is not what happened. I’ll tell you the real story: Bahia Hariri paid and sucked 90% of the power generated from Zahrani power plant and directed it all to Saida. As a result she left the rest of the south with 10% power only. She wanted to do like Saad Hariri did in Tripoli when he gave them 24/7 electricity (not true I was there last week and electricity is still as bad as ever, some villages further to the north in Akkar have 0 to 1 hour a day electricity) that’s why M14 said nothing about it in the news.
Me: Well, if this is true then shame, shame for depriving the whole region of south Lebanon and turning  it only to her people in Saida.
Taxi: yeah Bahia gave it all to Saida whose people don’t deserve it. Saida is all full of Palestinians, Kurds, and Bedouins. I don’t understand why she even gave all our electricity to those Palestinians.

Me: Please drop me on the side here, I’m good here. Khalas, this is where I’m going


The racism in the car was suffocating me at this point.



4 thoughts on “The Daily Conspiracy Of Lebanese Taxis

    1. this is exactly it, but still in Lebanon the general poor feel poor only because they cannot buy a BB or an I-phone. akeed i’m not talking here about the real poor in Lebanon, north,camps…
      to the “i cannot buy the new BB” kind of poor in lebanon i feel its more mental slavery and laziness than actual poverty. the fact that all the info and news they get they get it from the sectarian manipulating Lebanese TV channels.


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