When Will Lebanon Revolt?

When will the Lebanese civil war end

Obnoxious? Yes. Poor? No. Ignorant on purpose? Yes.

It’s no surprise that the Lebanese are disconnected from the world or even the region.

During the time of the civil war people in Lebanon kept the party going, they kept convincing themselves that the war would be finished in a matter of days. We all know how it went throughout those long and destructive 15 years. Even when the shooting stopped, and the people that where doing the shooting hid their guns or as they say “gave them up” then turned to split the theft accordingly among each other, the civil war continued. After that Harirism politics came to town and Harirism is all about destructive capitalism. The arrival of the Hariri style politics meant that everyone could be bought and sold. The whole country with its people, it’s history and its identity was sold.

I know we spoke about the Lebanese mind enough, we even spoke about the Lebanese mind being made out of green cheese, but yet the obnoxiousness of the Lebanese mind never fails to provoke and shock. There was a leap of hope earlier this year when we joined the wave of Arab revolutions and protested against our sectarian system. Then I got really excited and felt that, yes!, we are finally awakening and close to toppling the sectarian system. That was just an illusion.

Looking back at that protest now it seems obnoxious. It was an event with only the usual suspects, the few that always make some noise. “Those leftists” as the rest the majority of Lebanese people call us (and I’m not sure if it’s the right description), that “rest” who with us can topple this ugly sectarian system. It occurred to me that in Lebanon it’s not black and white: it’s not one people against one dictator. Its many people, with many dictators, all against each other. This fragmentation and division of one people, of a country, will always result in the benefit of those who never want to see these people ruling themselves. The Lebanon deep division model is now being used by dictators near us: dictators around us, who are not yet toppled but being challenged by their people, are realizing that if they could divide their people into groups, clans, tribes, sects, or whatever you like to call it, then they will survive.  These dictators will safeguard their positions and will end up being the winners because people are not united against the corrupt system(s) and then who is going to topple those dictators?  It’s as simple as this, no rocket science, just the oldest trick in the book; divide and conquer.

Here I would like to emphasize and raise my voice to my Arab brethren and to all the revolting people around the world: don’t divide, unite. We all have one cause which is simple: we want to survive and live our lives in dignity. We don’t want ourselves or any being on this planet to sleep hungry. We don’t want to have to be enslaved in order to live until tomorrow. Those corrupt regimes are our main and common enemy, don’t let them divide us. In dividing us they will survive and continue to repress us.
This talk of unity and division brings me back to Lebanon. I thought the other day what could possibly be the way to start a nationwide revolt and dissent? It hit me: each sect needs to revolt against their own sect, against their sectarian lords. Each sect needs to rid itself of those sectarian politicians who seem to be doing fine behind our backs, when they are not in the spotlight.  But in public and through their TV channels they incite hate and spit venom so they can manipulate us emotionally: we turn to hate each other for their own interests. We need to rebel against ourselves, emancipate our communities from these viruses. Lebanese politicians are the disease that is killing us our unity, and finally it will leave us to self destruction like we’ve seen so many times in our contemporary history. We do this and then we can start reshaping our Lebanese psyche. There many things in life apart from shopping, bargaining and showing off our silly materialism.

Until then, I declare dissent against all the security forces who prove everyday that they are not doing their job to serve and protect us but they are only there to get paid for protecting the few in this country; the politician and the rich.

I declare my support to all the revolting people without picking and choosing based on my now narrow political interests.

And I declare that while all these revolting people are on the front line getting killed by bullets of ruthless dictators, I will work as an eye-opener instead of just sitting in my comfortable chair sipping my drinks smoothly.

We can put our energy into the revolting people instead of calling them names. We, the usual suspects everywhere, need to be united the most and snap out of this state of silly divisions we are going through. Take Syria: many people are becoming divided over this revolution. Why can’t we simply support the people, help forward their revolution since we tend to give so much of our time and attention to their revolution? Yes, I hear those conspiracy minded people. Yes, there is a conspiracy, but always keep in mind that the 1000s on the streets are not a conspiracy, they are the revolution itself. Your panic and conspiracy talk will end up pushing the protesters into the laps of the counter revolution.

Lebanon, wake the fuck up, because all the revolutions and counter-revolutions are accumulating and when the shit hits the fan don’t do your usual surprised Lebanese reaction: “yeee shu 3am biseer” and “why this is happening to us”?

We can revolt. Each sect can revolt: clean itself from these sectarian lords and let’s all march and unite for a dignified living for our interests as a whole not the interests of one family or one individual.
There is 24% of us Lebanese that live below the poverty line. This number I’m sure it will increase rapidly by next year. Most of us Lebanese don’t know about these statistics because the sectarian TV channels we watch every night don’t show these devastated areas of Lebanon. Mainly because the people the politicians who own these TV channels own and control the tourism industry and these images might scare the gulf tourists away (BTW how long are we Lebanese are going to take the humiliation and insults of the Arab Gulf tourists? I will have to write a post about this later!). When this poverty and darkness overtakes this sad place these politicians won’t stick to us in solidarity. No, they and their families will hop on their private jets and go live in the countries where their bank accounts are kept. Keep in mind my fellow Lebanese that their bank accounts are filled with our money that they steal and keep on stealing from us.
On this thought I’m going to sleep and dream that Lebanon is going to unite and join the wave of the Arab revolution. I want to wake up and see this place as a country, not as a piece of land with groups of people fighting over nothing.

The Lebanese civil war

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