USA: hands off our revolution(s)

The US government needs to back the fuck up from the Arab world and leave our revolution alone. Stop trying to counter our revolutions. US government, your tricks got old, your new tricks cannot work on us, yes, us, the Arab youth.
Look at your people and see how occupy wall street protesters across the US are being oppressed. We see your oppression on your own people, we see how cold you treat your own people. Millions of homeless, millions of jobless. Why do you still think that we will buy your empty bullshit? Back the fuck up, leave us alone, stop meddling in our affairs and lives.
You have fucked up our lives and our well-being for far too long, you installed puppets in our countries that sucked the blood out of our weak systems. Now the reasons that we are all rising up is precisely against your foreign policies in our region. Leave us alone, go take care of your own people, now revolting against you.
Trust me, this time is different from all the other times were you were able to counter a rebellion with a few dollars. And this is not an Arab awakening, this is an Arab revolution, we have been awake for far too long and we have been watching and growing and learning until we were ready to strike; strike against you, against your people that you installed in our countries. Your own tools are being toppled one after another. If you think you can install new puppets, well just look at Egypt now and learn how we wont rest until we are in charge of our own lives, countries and destinies. We in charge, not your stooges.
Look around you, the world has changed and it is changing for the better, its changing to remove manipulating regimes like yourself and your partners.
We are the World youth.
We are one.
We are legion.
We wont forgive.
We wont forget about the crimes you commit against all of humanity.
Expect us every where.

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