Cross Continent Revolution In Posters

Finally 2011 was a year to spark revolution around the globe. It all started in Tunis by the end of 2010 when Mohamed Bouazizi set himself on fire, and he was a spark for an ongoing revolution that went beyond Tunis to the rest of the world.  To us, the revolting youth of the world, this revolution will not be an easy task. As dictators and and manipulative rich elites realize each day that we are determined and will not quit this fight they, the 1%controlling and enslaving the rest of the planet, wont give up their grip on the world easily. They will use all the enslaved humans (the army and security)  to oppress us and subjugate life on this raped planet.

A misleading machine turn it off

Do your own research stop relying on mainstream media. Always question who owns and funds those media outlets. Start learning about alternative/citizen journalism.  As Noam Chomski says: “The billionaires will lie to you about their fairness, but remember that all 175 editors at Murdoch’s papers supported the Iraq invasion”. “You must resist the media by creating groups and events outside of manufactured mass media events”.


Remember that politicians are nothing but eloquent slaves: spokeswomen and men for corporatism.



An enslaving system that is reaching its end of days.


“September 11 appeared to have provided Washington with the green light to stop asking countries if they wanted the U.S version of “free trade and democracy” and to start imposing it with Shock and Awe military force. ”

“The global Homeland security industry economically insignificant before 2001 is now a $200 billion sector”. (quotes from The Shock Doctrine P:11 and P:15)




Get your revolution on


Times are changing. The world is changing. We are growing to learn that we need to change. It was once said when we change we grow. We must stop worrying so much about the outcome of soap operas, football games,quaterly balance sheets, and the daily Dow Jones and must instead reevaluate who we are and where we want our children to end up. The alternative to stopping to ask ourselves the important questions is simply too dangerous. Time to revolt.

Do not fear

Never have any fear while protesting and taking whats yours. Remember those enslaved security people are there because they are getting paid and ordered to do so. Us, on the other hand, we are motivated not by greed and $$$ but our motivation is the liberation of human kind.

Never forget about the Black Panthers and their revolutionary movement. Learn about them, learn from them and not from the mainstream media distorted descriptions.

Listen to them pigs banging on my door asking for some rent money… they should be paying my rent.


Bombs made in the USA are dropped on innocent people around the globe. Bombs made in the USA are paid for by American tax money used to oppress and kill families around the world. Gas bombs made in the USA are used by dictators in the Arab world to stifle the revolting people.

Never trust, I repeat, never trust the removal of one dictator by other dictators. Gaddafi was best friends with the CIA while being involved in the infamous rendition  program. Western countries knew about the decades of Gaddafi’s repression of the people of Libya but he provided 3 major concerns: Oil production to European and American companies, tamed the so-called Al-Qaeda in North Africa, and controlled immigration from Africa to Europe. Arab revolutions beware the counter-revolution.


The Arab and global revolution is reaching to Palestine soon. The ongoing occupation of Palestine by the Israeli apartheid state  is soon to end by us the people.


In the words of the late Edward Said: “Israeli security is now a fabled beast. Like a unicorn it is endlessly hunted and never found, remaining, everlastingly, the goal of future action. That over time Israel has become less secure and more unacceptable to its neighbors scarcely merits a moment’s notice. But then who challenges the view that Israeli security ought to define the moral world we live in? Certainly not the Arab and Palestinian leaderships who for 30 years have conceded everything to Israeli security. Shouldn’t that ever be questioned, given that Israel has wreaked more damage on the Palestinians and other Arabs relative to its size than any country in the world, Israel with its nuclear arsenal, its air force, navy, and army limitlessly supplied by the US taxpayer? As a result the daily, minute occurrences of what Palestinians have to live through are hidden and, more important, covered over by a logic of self-defense and the pursuit of terrorism (terrorist infrastructure, terrorist nests, terrorist bomb factories, terrorist suspects — the list is infinite) which perfectly suits Sharon and the lamentable George Bush. Ideas about terrorism have thus taken on a life of their own, legitimized and re- legitimized without proof, logic or rational argument”.

Liberation day of Palestine coming soon


Visit Palestine and witness the ethnic cleansing done by Israel


Israel never stopped the ethnic cleansing of Palestinian people. The process, begun in 1882, of de-Arabizing  Palestine and Judaizing it continues each and every day as homes of Palestinian families are being bulldozed by Israeli bulldozers and more settlements are being built to house Jews coming from Europe and the USA.  An ongoing occupation that the world stayed silent about for far too long.





In times like this it is crucial to keep standing up  for our rights. We need never to give up the fight no matter how tough it might get. We just need to think that we can either live on our knees for the rest of our lives or die standing.

Bob Marley once said: “Democracy is nothing more than an elected dictatorship by the people, make no mistake”. Here I would like to add my favorite line for Bob: “Emancipate yourself from mental slavery, none but ourselves can free our mind”. And finally: There are two types of dictators: taxes and elected politicians.


Protect yourself get ready. Agitate, Educate, strike.


Be with the revolution.


Peaceful (Selmeyeh) is how we started the cross-continent revolution and we should keep it peaceful. Remember that the regimes, the elites, the politicians, the rich that command the security  want to provoke us into violence. They want us to get violent so they can have a reason to use all the dark forces in their hands against us. They will use their mainstream media to paint us with their brush as savages. They want to provoke us into violence so they can de-legitimize our revolution and intentions. In the end we are in 2011 and the peaceful tools at our disposal will enable us to have a global voice and a global network(s)  and  all us human beings must unite and join our efforts to strike the system that has been enslaving us and destroying life on this planet just in order for a hand full to maximize their profit and inflate their bank accounts.








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