Lebanese racism

I woke up this morning wanting to start a new positive day. Made my coffee, lit a cigarette, turned on my computer to see whats going in the world: while going through my Facebook i noticed a friend has posted a video but his comment was what made me click on it – : “wow Lebanese Racist Reportage at its best… It is good we didnt turn nazis after this”. I made the mistake of clicking on the video https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=179941685420957.  I

It’s a video by the renowned racist Lebanese TV channel MTV titled:
(تقرير عرضته ام تي في نهار الاحد 16 تشرين الاول 2011 حول ما يجري من تصرفات جُرمية وغير اخلاقية من قِبل غرباء في المنطقة الممتدة بين الدورة وبرج حمود)  : “The criminal and immoral actions by the strangers in the area of Bourj Hammoud (Report presented by MTV  on Sunday October 16, 2011)”. Its no surprise that  MTV would show such a news report, its a known fact that MTV is a channel that serves as a mouthpiece for the Christian Lebanese right wing parties. Those right wing parties were once influenced by the Nazis and Mussolini fascism. But this is not the catch here, the catch is that the majority of Lebanese people are simply racist. The Lebanese people are racist toward any person of color, its only the white man the Lebanese people feel inferior to. The Lebanese people are not only racists towards other nationalities but they are racist among themselves. When I was a child my grand mother and other elders in the family used to refer to Lebanese Shi’ite as people with tails! As a child I was always intrigued by this story only to grow up and find out that its only Lebanese racism combined with a classist mentality. Up to now the Lebanese are still racist towards Palestinian people and since there are 12 Palestinian refugee camps in Lebanon the Palestinian people face harsh racism from lebanese people continually. Only imagine there is a law that bans Palestinian people from practicing 72 jobs in Lebanon, there is another law that bans Palestinians from owning property in Lebanon.  Every now and then I hear about a maid who has killed herself or a maid who has  jumped from the balcony and died in an attempt to run away from her employers, or a maid who was raped and beaten up by her employers.

This is what we are, a people who are racist at heart, but try to copy the image of the West and look up to the white man. From the outside, for some one who never lived in lebanon, you might think that this is a “civilized”,  liberated country but when one takes a close look it is easy to see the many flaws of this failed State. An example of this is the UN’s report,“The UN’s Special Rapporteur on modern day slavery, urging Lebanon to address the plight of its domestic workers. Gulnara Shahinian recounted conditions of the migrants she met in Lebanon; sexual abuse, contract violations, unfair hours, and domestic servitude regularly punctuated their experiences. She recognized the measures Lebanon has taken – including establishing a hotline and committee to manage migrant issues – but advised much more direct and responsive legislation to curb migrant mistreatment. Shahinian classified migrants’ legal status as essentially “invisible,” unprotected from the reaches of law. The absence of meaningful employment standards, regulation, or enforcement practices subjects domestic workers to economic, psychological and physical abuse….” http://greenresistance.wordpress.com/2011/10/20/ending-modern-day-slavery-in-lebanon/

She was beaten up by her Lebanese employer

Too much contradiction in this picture: it shows the racism and classist society that claimed a revolution in one day in 2005
Lebanese protest against the abuse of foreign domestic workers on the occasion of the International Women’s Day in Beirut on March 8, 2009.










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