On the Nakba day 15-5-2011 51,000 refugees walked toward Palestine

No substitute for the right of return لا بديل عن حق العودة 

All ages insisted on returning on the Nakba day 15-5-2011

The Zionists thought that the occupation of Palestine and the ethnic cleansing would be forgotten by the new Palestinian and Arab generations. We never forgot, and we still want the stolen  land back.

It no longer holds that with whatever violations, occupation, and ethnic cleansing Israel does history will go on regardless. As for us, we can  no longer rely on the limited scope of our acts regarding the right of return, small, repetitive acts are no longer helping the liberation of Palestine. In light of the Arab and global revolution(s)  we are at a crucial moment in history and we need to invest in the changing world. The Arab revolution should galvanise for the liberation of Palestine, Palestine was never forgotten by the people. No more will the logic of corrupt dictators and false investment in the Palestinian cause keep the people silent.

لا بديل عن حق العودة
I'm a freedom fighter

“How official spokesmen still can speak with a straight face of averting violence and condemning terrorism when the United States has a long record of bloody illegal action all over the third world achieved by no other power simply defies credulity. The United States after all is the country that killed 3 million Vietnamese, that was behind the massacre of roughly 10 percent of the Guatemalan population during the 1950s, that collaborated with the Suharto regime both in the invasion of East Timor and the killing of half a million Indonesians Suharto suspected of being communist, that connives daily in the Turkish attacks on the Kurds, that illegally engaged in the mining of Nicaraguan harbors (for which it was condemned by the world court) and funded subversives against the Sandinistas throughout the 1980s, that invaded Panama and Granada, that funded Afghanistani  fundamentalists, that subsidizes Israeli conquest and pillage virtually without restraint. That it has done and continues to do all this and, at the same time, arrogates for itself the right to speak of international law to the Arabs, is nothing short of stupefying, the modern equivalent of Gulliver bellowing furiously at the very same tiny Lilliputians whose tactics and presence confuse and finally disable the lumbering giant.” The late and great Edward Said from  The end of the peace process (p.242).

On their way back to Palestine
Over looking the occupied land of Palestine.

We are not just scattered groups of people, we risk our lives fighting for a just cause.  The land will return and it will only return after we are united and all of our energy and efforts are united for the liberation of the land. All forms of collective resistance  is what we need.

In the ambulance a peaceful protester shot by the Israeli occupation forces.

On the day of Nakba 15-5-2011  51,000 refugees marched to the Lebanese occupied Palestine borders  all chanting  “no substitute for the right of return”. All came from:Beddawi,Burj el-Barajneh,Burj el-Shemali, Dbayeh,  Ein el-Hilweh, El-Buss, Mar Elias, Mieh Mieh, Nahr al-Bared, (destroyed in 2007) Rashidieh, Shatila.

The blood of a peaceful protester shot from across the border by the Israeli occupation forces.

Our history is colored by redness of the blood for the liberation. Our scars are still unhealed, our wounds fester, the past will not be forgotten and the future is ours.

Don’t worry: the liberation of Palestine is not forgotten, that’s why we the youth, the new generation with all the tools at our disposal, we will not stick to the old game played by the old generation(s), we will not repeat the mistakes of the past. We will be dedicating our time, energy and efforts for the cause. With all respect,  the old school ways of liberation did not get us anywhere further, if anything it pushed us back. Thank you, old ones, I think we should take the wheel from here. We are eyes wide open, we’ve got weapons of mass information and the truth cannot be hidden anymore. The whole world is awakened and now speaking out against the Israel apartheid. The so-called state they are trying to shove down our throats is nothing but a cosmetic surgery to save the corrupt people in the PA, because the revolution is coming to Palestine, to its home, and the Palestinian people are gonna rebel against those corrupt goons. These goons who are the people who speak and sign treaties in the name of people they don’t represent. Waiting is no longer an option, we waited for 62 years, it’s time to start moving. As the world is standing up against authoritarian corrupt governments revolting for equality and freedoms the silent majority is no longer silent.


While keeping an eye on the uprising going on around the globe a scene that  puts a smile on my face each time I notice it: the Palestinian flag  is always present among the protesters from Yemen to New York.  Watching the people around the world pushing and fighting for their liberation while at the same time embracing the Palestinian cause makes me hopeful. The liberation of Palestine and the return of the millions of refugees is coming soon.

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