Time to revolt

when will the civil war end (Lebanon)

The civil war in Lebanon never ended. The civil war still continues, only now the warlords, who killed people for 15 years, have lain down their weapons and decided to to be in charge of the country. In other words they decided to organize the theft among each other. Now these same warlords dress in suits and preach for “peace” while making sure the theft of the people is in progress.

why the increase of poverty in this country?(Lebanon)

Lebanese TV channels owned by political parties and by the same corrupt political class never show the real life in Lebanon; they never focus on the majority of people: the poor ones. Lebanese TV channels never show places and people that are neglected  and drifting towards poverty. The Lebanese politician(s) love these places but only around elections time. These poor neglected areas turn into a bazaar for politicians, buying votes ( and people) becomes as cheap as buying shoes.

A finger for every sectarian corrupt politician or/and person.

This one goes out to each and every corrupt sectarian politician. It also goes out to each and every person who never stops complaining about how hard life is but never does anything about it. This shit wont change if we don’t change it ourselves. No need to wait for some kind of divine intervention or someone else to do it. Yala, start by changing yourself and you will see how things around you will start changing.

Time to revolt

The whole world is revolting today: October 15. People around the world are revolting against the global financial system that led to the impoverishment of the 99% of human beings on earth. Human beings are not the only ones effected by the capitalist system, the whole ecological system is about to collapse on us because it has been violated to maximize the profit and benefit 1% of people on this planet. In Lebanon for some reason people are in a complete coma and tend to think we are on a different planet, one not concerned with the all the revolutions happening around us. Soon when the shit hits the fan do not ask why or don’t say this is god punishing us. It’s all man made, wake up.

Lebanon should start uniting for revolting.

Free your mind kill your TV: its all said in this one sentence. Lebanese TV channels are one big source of brain numbness and its a tool to keep sectarianism alive and people afraid. I stopped watching TV 3 years ago, but each time I visit my parents my brain hurts. Of course, like most Lebanese families, the TV is always on at night and everyone  watches  the TV channel that fits their sectarian affiliations. To me when I watch Lebanese TV(which I rarely do) I feel that its spiting venom  at my mind. In the Arab world Lebanese TV channels are famous,  not because it is interesting but only because of the bombardment of sexism on it. Women are simply treated as product or as an enhancement for expanding business. So yes,  if one day we unite and revolt the first thing to get rid of is Lebanese TV channels. This logic applies to the rest of the world, not only in Lebanon, at the end we only copy what the West does.

Tourism in Lebanon

Speaking about sexism, this graffiti right here says it all. The ministry of tourism in Lebanon usually uses women in their advertisements to attract tourists from around the world but mostly from the Khaleej (Gulf). Women are almost  used to advertise this country as a bordello. Therefore each summer in Beirut we see men from around the world  hungry for sex, and each Lebanese woman becomes a target.

Defend yourself Arm yourself

I encourage each and every woman in Lebanon(the world) to get armed. Every day, I repeat every day, I hear stories from my friends about a woman who got raped or a woman who got harassed. Its becoming unbefuckinglievable  the way women are being treated on the street. In Hamra I keep hearing stories of men following girls with their dicks out, or take his dick out on seeing a girl. What the fuck is wrong with these men? Do you really think you will get some by talking shit to a woman or by walking up to her with your dick out? As a man every time I hear such stories i’m ashamed to be a man, and wonder whats wrong with this species. So therefore sisters,  get armed, carry anything on you that will hurt the pervert. And if you get confronted by the pervert who is blinded by sex, hurt the fucker, do not hesitate to hurt him. Teach him a lesson and make him an example to the rest of the perverts out there. Maybe, and i doubt it, but maybe they will start respecting women and think about gender equality.

The whole region is about to collapse
Sustain yourself, style yourself by yourself.

Time for us to go back to basics when we used to dress ourselves they way we want and not the way we are told. Its been more than one year now since I stopped buying clothes. I refuse to be told what I should dress for this winter or summer. I refuse to dress myself with clothes made by child labor in third world countries. In Lebanon we have more clothes shops than food shops and its all made by enslaved children working under inhumane conditions in factories in China or India. For more information on how you can style yourself without taking part of the slave clothing industry check this blog:http://theoldfashionedway.blogspot.com/ We should also ask ourselves the important question: Why this labor enslavement is still going unaccounted for? Why people are enslaved in factories and underpaid in order to dress the rich?

To the rulers of Lebanon your turn is coming.

The people want to topple the sectarian regime in Lebanon. WORD.

The corrupt system

People of  Lebanon please don’t be delusional about the security system. This system is not made for the protection of you and me. Experience is showing us that this system is only made for the protection of the politicians. I got mugged with a knife a few month ago when i called the police they told me “you should thank god nothing happened to you”, and when i asked them to find those thieves they laughed and told me have a good night. 2 months ago my brother got mugged with a gun pointed to his head while he was taking a minivan to Saida. When he went to the police they told him  “you should be glad nothing happened to you” when he insisted (note that you have to insist on the police to get protected) they should started an investigation they got mad at him (because this is extra work for them) and told him “in this case you have to wait for us to come back from a patrol”. He waited for 5 hours in the police station and after filing for investigation he was told “we cannot promise you anything”. Until now nothing has happened and when he went back to the police he found that his file for investigation was thrown in the drawer. I can now list 10 more stories like the two i just mentioned: stories of theft and crime against people i know and non of them got any assistance or protection from the police. Why respect them if they are not there for us but only for the protection of the rich?

This brave woman should be an example to all of us.

Power to the people.

Warning from the ministry of health thinking could lead to fatal and dangerous diseases.

Finally, the whole world is revolting, and we too, in Lebanon, should revolt. We can start by taking back our city from Solidere. Please check out this Facebook group which is starting an initiative that could lead into a badly needed revolt  in this dysfunctional country. Check it out:https://www.facebook.com/occupysolidere


4 thoughts on “Time to revolt

  1. there is many of us of Hamra people… but sadly I don’t think that’s true for the whole country. Nonetheless, maybe we can start by trying to summon the patience to each try to talk reason to others (not meaning to be condescending, but let’s face it…)


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