Eid and the Poor

So its all happy Eid vibes up in here. I wonder if the Eid passed or ever did by the poor ones. In my observation of  those people fasting throughout the whole month of Ramadan, a practice that’s aimed at discipline and an occasion once a year for the privileged/rich ones to feel with poor, i noticed  a lot of sleeping all day or most of the day and having a huge feast at Iftar time with exotic dishes that don’t get eaten but end up in the trash.  Then it’s back to sleep again only to wake up at Sohor to eat and go back to sleep. Is this the way the poor we are supposed to be feeling with live?  I don’t think so.  Of course i’m observing all this from Beirut so i wont globalize or generalize, but it hurts to see the poor not being able to buy all those fancy Ramadan sweets while hanging out next to the packed fancy sweet shops hoping some fasting person will feel with them and pass on the love. Its even tough for some to buy vegetables now, let alone sweets, since their prices are jacked up by the fasting khodarji (vegetable store): its Fatoush season now you know. Ramadan is over now and Eid is here with all the consumerism it brings with: new clothes for children and adults,$100+ fireworks, fancy lunches at fancy restaurants, and the fancy Eid sweets :Ma’amoul el-Eid which people compete with to see how much they spent on a dozen.  And at night, lets go get drunk at night, because man, its been a whole month without alcohol. The season to feel with the poor is finished now and the poor are still poor but now we don’t need to  feel with you any more. We just spent a whole month feeling with you so stay away from my sight because you might ruin my appetite, make my Eid clothes dirty and contaminate my Mercedes that i just washed.

No it’s not a time to feel with the poor. What it seems like is a time to tell “God” -see,  i just deprived myself a whole month for you and your poor people, who, for some reason you too neglect, so go ahead reserve me that piece of land in paradise. I just spent a whole month outsmarting you and investing up there. Capitalism at heart!

The poor do not sleep all day and eat all night. The poor don’t go shopping every end of the month to feel better about themselves and show others what they are consuming. The poor are still poor and getting poorer, not knowing if they can make it for another day. If we really want to feel with them it will be not by stopping eating for one moth a year but rather first by asking ourselves the important question:  why are there poor people while i’m spending hundreds of dollars buying clothes that i don’t really need but my ego does? why  is this inequality between people still going in our time and age? Think about these things out of humane reasons and not divine ones.

PS: poor people you are already poor, there is no need for you to fast and suffer, you are already there, and god knows about your conditions and circumstances and since he is god he will sure understand that you are struggling to survive and not struggling to buy that $100 dress or jeans. Rich and privileged people wake up and stop your hypocrisy because if you think you can outsmart the God you worship by your simple tricks then its an insult to your own intelligence and an insult to that divine thing you worship. By feeding one poor family once a year you are not solving the problem you are doing it to feel better about yourself thinking you just saved the world.


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