The End of the Peace Process page:242

how official spokesmen still can speak with a straight face of averting violence and condemning terrorism when the United States has a long record of bloody illegal action all over the third world achieved by no other power simply defies credulity.the United States after all is the country that killed 3 million Vietnamese,that was behind the massacre of roughly 10 percent of the Guatemalan population during the 1950s, that collaborated with the Suharto regime both in the invasion of East Timor and the killing of half a million Indonesian Suharto suspected of being communist, that connives daily in the Turkish attacks on the Kurds,that illegally engaged in the mining of Nicaraguan harbors (for which it was condemned by the World Court) and funded subversives against the Sandinistas throughout the 1980s, that invaded Panama and Granada,that funded Afghanistan fundamentalists, that subsidized Israeli conquest and pillage virtually without restraint. that it has done and continues to do all this and,at the same time, arrogates for itself the right to speak of international law to the Arabs, is nothing short of stupefying, the modern equivalent of a Gulliver bellowing furiously at the very same tiny Lilliputians whose tactics and presence confuse and finally disable the lumbering giant.


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