Hillary Clinton you are a provocation

Hillary Clinton condemns Flotilla 2 calling it a provocation.

Is flying kites provoking Israel too, Ms Clinton?

Here is what I think is a provocation, Hillary, pull a chair sit and listen:

The killing of peaceful protesters by Israeli occupation soldiers on the border is a provocation.

GAZA under  siege and people living in inhumane conditions is a provocation.

The thousands of Palestinians (children and women) in Israeli jails is a provocation.

Hillary, your blind eye to the invasion of Bahrain by Saudi forces, and the attacks on hospitals is a provocation.

Oppressing women in Saudi is a provocation.

Oppressing Shi’a in Saudi is a provocation.

Bombing Yemen with your drones is a provocation.

Israeli daily flights over Lebanon is a provocation.

Israeli on-going occupation of the Shib’a Farms is a provocation.

Guantanamo bay prison and the torture there is a provocation.

Your (U.S.A’s) meddling in the new Lebanese government is a provocation.

NATO indiscriminate bombing of civilians in Libya is a provocation.

The occupation of Palestine and the ethnic cleansing is a provocation.

You policing the world is a provocation.

And every time you open your mouth with hypocrisy is a provocation to all of us human kind.

Now do you still think that a peaceful flotilla delivering food and medicinal aid while breaking the siege of the biggest open prison on earth is provocation? I think you need to check your mental health, you are worrying me being the American foreign secretary and all.


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