Today Bin laden is dead. so what?

i woke up this morning my flatmate pounding on my door and calling me to wake up. i thought there must be something unusual that made Matt excited to the point he had to wake me up, and i was thinking this must be worth all the pounding on my door on an early Monday morning. first thing i did before even reacting to Matt’s rumbling i looked to my phone to see if there is any news alert and there it was the text message said: Osama Bin Laden has been killed by U.S forces in Pakistan.

Big news, i thought i should drag my ass to shower and chug a pot of coffee to jump start my i’m not a morning  brain.

i looked at Matt and told him i’m not gonna believe this until i see pictures. Al-Jazeera English was already on and there was Obama delivering the news and he was saying it with so much pride and confidence  just like the days when he was campaigning for his elections. there was a certain look in Obama’s eyes that told the republicans and co “take this bitches i just got myself another round in the house”.

the following is my reactions on my Facebook status:

“good news Bin Laden is killed but does it mean that the so-called war on terror is over? what’s the next step, Americans will be out of Afghanistan and Iraq asap? or is it just Obama just got himself 4 more years ticket?”

“His death should also bring an end to a horrific chapter of human rights abuses in the name of counterterrorism”

“May 1st 1945-Hitler confirmed dead
May 1st 2011-Osama Bin Laden confirmed dead
coincidence or they timed it”

“just for the note why everything is happening in 2011? my brain is yelling at me telling me how you want us to cope will these big things that are taking place all at once?”

“10 years, 2 wars, 919,967 deaths, and $1,188,263,000,000 later they managed to kill one person. Worth it?”

“i mean at the end of the day and after American testosterone is expressed and sprayed in public celebrations demonstrated by shirtless men chanting U.S.A U.S.A. what does it mean the killing of Bin laden? nothing but political gains for Obama and the likely scenario of crazy Al-Qaeda fighters taking revenge globally”.

and here we are 2011 what else you are hiding for us? the world is changing at a fast pace and i’m glad to be young and witnessing it happening in front of us, while we take part to make it a better place. how it will shape up at the end i can’t see it yet, but the fact that people are not afraid any more from their repressive regimes is a big step in history and time has come when people are realizing that power is for the people. since we are the people lets all join in and take whats ours.


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