the lebanese people want to topple the sectarin regime NOW

I just came back from a march to topple the sectarian regime in Lebanon.

There was a big crowd, over a 1000, under the pouring rain that did not seem to matter. The spirit was high and the chants hit the sky “the people want to topple the sectarian regime”, “thawra thawra thawra” (revolution)

“eja dawrak ya libnen” (Lebanon its your turn now) they called to all around.

“NO for the oppressive regimes” and “NO for the lords of sectarianism” and “NO for the civil war lords”.

Great vibes of secularism and a raging group of people made up of all ages. Our voice is louder than sectarianism. “The people want to topple the sectarian regime” the marchers protesting kept on demanding, and the chants grew loud.

The people want the sectarian elites out.

Lebanese people unite and take whats yours. Freedom is not given, you got to take it; it’s us who own and belong to this place. Sectarian politicians got to understand that its pay back time, and the power is going to be for the people where it originally belongs. I say it again; Power for the people not for the corrupt sectarian elites who keep on sucking our last drop of blood.

I’m Lebanese,I’m a human being, I’m not a member of a sect: I refuse to be identified by a sect or religion. I am what I am: a free human being.

Sipping coffee and being a defeatist wont change shit, start taking action and demand secularism.
We are tired of civil wars. when are we going to practice what we preach?
It’s 2011 wake up already, we dont live in the 1800s anymore.

Sectarianism got to finish now!
And it will only happen when you take it down with your own hands, no foreign country is going to make your life better.
You have to take whats yours. You have to say i’m a human being for fuck’s sake.

Be with the revolution today and dont wait for tomorrow.



One thought on “the lebanese people want to topple the sectarin regime NOW

  1. If the new Lebanese government will be a pure human right based one, without the religious clamp, they’ve managed to make e dual Masterpiece. And, all the young lives that was lost during the days of struggle will turn out to be an investment in the future of Libanon and not a waste!


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