Libya a twitter roundup (Gadhafi might be finished anytime now)

BREAKING: AL Jazeera Arabic confirms Air Strikes on Tripoli protesters

updates in Tripoli Local Time

19:17 Enough Gaddafi tweets: “Mercenaries are being released in neighborhoods, Suq Jumaa, and shooting at any group of people gathered

19:17 Al Jazeera Live interview: Protesters coming from Mesrate being fired at from aircraft while on their way to Tripoli

19:05 Al Jazeera Arabic reports that Libyan ambassador to Indonesia has also resigned

18:57 AJArabic reporting protesters in Tripoli are being strafed and targeted by ground artillery shelling too

18:49 Libya’s Ambassador in Britain resigns along with the entire embassy staff, they joined the protests outside the embassy.

18:44: All all connections cut. Landlines and and all mobile phone networks cut!

18:31 Al Jazeera Arabic confirms protesters being gunned down from planes in Tripoli.
Earlier people reported planes or helicopters circling above Tripoli.

18:25 – Al Jazeera Arabic confirms that a million march is currently in process in Tripoli but is being crushed with heavy artillery by mercenaries.

18:18 – A witness has just confirmed that a fleet of 30 cars are roaming around different parts of Tripoli full of 4 mercenaries each holding AK47s.

A correspondent from Tripoli has just confirmed to us that low heavy artillery has started in Tripoli right now. We have also been told that Fashloom and Noofliyeen are witnessing heavy fighting right now!


One thought on “Libya a twitter roundup (Gadhafi might be finished anytime now)

  1. So Proud of Libyans man!!!! This is what we call a Revolution!! despite the atrocities of the repressive regime they are still in the streets fighting for their rights. And they are doing it without any help from the outside or from the media.
    Everybody made a huge fuss about Egypt (what they did is great no doubt) but what Libyans are doing is much greater!
    Highest Respect to the Libyans!!


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