Libya revolt against the crack head dictator (live tweets)

Breaking from Sirt (birthplace of #Gaddafi), regime distributing weapons to loyalists, telling them they’ll need them

ChangeInLibya Libyan Dude:
The hospitals in benghazi still have NO BLOOD WHATSOEVER. IT FINISHED. Where are you @HRW and RED CROSS??? #feb17 #libya

مراسلين: ثمانية قتلى سقوط برصاص المرتزقة في بنغازي امام مقر الكتيب

Protesters under heavy gunfire and sniping in #Benghazi #Libya

Dima_Khatib Dima Khatib أنا ديمة
A massacre is underway in Benghazi #libya #feb17

RT @changeinlibya: Live call from Benghazi: NO BLOOD IN HOSPITALS. 100s dead with14.5MM CANNONS. #Libya #Feb17

Confirmed Eyewitness: Protesters in #Benghazi getting shot using fighter plane machine guns #Libya #feb17

Helicopters fire at demonstrators in Benghazi, #Libya, doctor who witnessed incident tells CNN.

Breaking from numerous sources 55 just died in benghazi from mortar attacks in birka barracks #feb17 #libya

Tripolitanian Libyan
Please if any1 can donate blood to #Benghazi hospitals, go NOW. The number of injured is nearing 1000, no more space for dead bodies. #Libya

Reports the Army is now shelling protesters. #Libya #Feb17

Reuters: A hospital official reported snipers firing from the top of #Benghazi security headquarters #Libya via The Guardian

Gaddafi started using heavy artillery, a real massacre is going on #Libya #Feb17

انترنت مجاني وغير مراقب في ليبيا اتصال بالرقما +494923197844321 User: Telecomix Password: Telecomix الرجاء النشر في كل المواقع #Libya

Witness on Aljazeera : they’re shooting protesters with anti-aircraft guns & 14.5mm machine guns #Libya


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