Human rights: 42 were killed in Libya

-The Libyan security forces killed at least 24 protesters and wounded many others in a crackdown on peaceful demonstrations across the country, Human Rights Watch said today.


-(Reuters) – With his penchant for Bedouin tents, heavily armed female bodyguards and Ukrainian nurses, Muammar Gaddafi has cut a showmanlike figure as Libya’s leader for more than 40 years.

-Video: Protesters tear down monument by Gaddafi


-protester shot and killed in Libya


-100,000 people carrying the bodies of 25 martyrs through streets of#Benghazi #Libya #Feb17

– reports of 100,000 protesting in Benghazi in Libya. Set fire to police station.


-the UK gov selling crowd control weaponry to gaddafi and his thugs

-A great collection of videos covering the revolution in Libya

-Libyans have managed to control Al Bayda district in Libya the police joined them the district on the Egyptian borders.

-People in Benghazi: We are OUTRAGED we have no fear gaddafi How dare you send Africans to shoot at us.





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