a day of oppression in Bahrain

Hospital was chaotic, protesters chanting outside, dozens bleeding from head, broken limbs, exhibit birdshot wounds #bahrain

hundreds of police in full riot gear stormed a mass demonstration in the country’s capital.

At least four people are confirmed dead and some estimates put wounded between 150 and 300.

King of Bahrain will never regain credibility after attacking peaceful protesters as they slept. Blood on his hands.


France 24 Arabic: Bahrain opposition claims 60 protesters have gone missing after the raid on Pearl Roundabout

#Bahrain RT @Bh_activist: Journalist Nazeeha Saeed : I have seen a protester being shot to the head in front of me. #bahrain #feb14

#Bahrain RT @NickKristof: Nurse told me she saw handcuffed prisoner beaten by police, then executed with gun.

BBC’s Ian Pannell in #Bahrain: “clear evidence police used live rounds against protesters when clearing the demonstration this morning.”

More on http://www.youtube.com/citizentube > @NickKristof: A video of police attack on #Bahrain protesters last night http://bit.ly/gHcfn4

Crowd growing at main #Bahrain hospital, chanting slogans against royal family

#Bahrain protests banned as military tightens grip -http://bbc.in/fKR1uL

Reports: Armoured vehicles can be seen heading towards #Bahrain Pearl Square. For the latest developments: http://aje.me/ajelive

#Bahrain beating of ABC journalist occurred during the clearing out of Pearl Square. Here’s video from Channel 4. http://ow.ly/3Y4hK


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