news about the protests in Bahrain

this was sent to me yesterday from a friend who lives in Bahrain he/she prefers to stay anonymous:

One demonstrator killed already, Ali Abdulhadi Al Mushaima in his 20s has died in hospital as a result of being shot being in the back http://yfr​​6gqtj, and Mohammed, both from Sitra critically injured http://yfr​​yerrj.


Woke up this morning to the sound of helicopters; driving to work there were massive deployments of riot police stationed at the roads leading from the main highway of Budaiya; up to 8 police jeeps and a bus of riot police ready for unarmed people protesting peacefully (http://www​.youtube.c​om/watch?v​=R3LazFJ0w​a4).


I witnessed myself, and according to reports from other gatherings around the country, demonstrators have deliberately taken a nonviolent approach; example, some 200+ people, men, women, children holding a sit-in at the sehla junction.


To keep track of events in English, http://twi​​aryamalkha​waja and in Arabic http://twi​​abeelrajab

For photos, pls see http://www​.facebook.​com/album.​php?id=687​160937​&aid=2​74586


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