the Lebanese should learn how to unite just like their Egyptian brothers and sisters did.

“The last time more than one million Lebanese gathered in Beirut was on March 14, 2005. Then, they demanded Syria’s immediate withdrawal from Lebanese territory. Although Saad Hariri would eventually use the historic moment – inappropriately, I may add – as the impetus behind the Bush-supported March 14th coalition, hundreds of thousands of Lebanese from across various sectarian identities and political loyalties came together in a moment of national unity. Today, the Lebanese need to take inspiration from their Egyptian and Tunisian counterparts and rekindle the same energy that brought an end to Syria’s military presence in Lebanon. They must demand that Lebanon abandon a political system that unequally distributes power along sectarian lines. Until that happens, Lebanon will forever be mired in political turmoil, tension, and uncertainty as recycled politicians prioritize sectarian interests over Lebanon’s stability”



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